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Lethal Mind | hassapi

To my awesome handful of listeners,

Apologies for the wait, if anyone was actually waiting for this lol. But here it is, I finished a long time ago but I didn’t put it out since I was expecting to produce a few more tracks for a mini album. Sadly, I’m taking a short break on producing as I’m in the process of finding and obtaining VST’s. I’ve been using only default FL Studio VST’s so far and now I feel that I need to branch out and work with some more refined, and various VST’s. I’ve decided that mastering my sound is my main goal for now, so there probably won’t be any releases anytime soon. The next time you’ll see a release, expect something good ;) 

Much love,


As always, spread the sound!

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Acid Wolfpack | Coyote Kisses

goosebumps and shivers and tears. press play

Binary Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix) | Star Wars