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Elvin Chu's Portfolio.

made a new skin for my website,

most likely won’t keep it but check it out - it’s maybe kinda coolish

K-Stand by Elvin Chu

A flatpack laptop stand built from scrap 3/4” plywood for home music production and DJing.

PRISM by Elvin Chu

A stool designed to withstand over 250 pounds with torque motion, and manufactured out of three independently cut parts from a 4’ x 8’ sheet of corrugated cardboard.

rough draft of my new site, with a cargo template as base. yeeeeeeaaahhhhhh!

(bonus sneak peek of one of my project pages for the cardboard stool I designed ages ago.)

I wanna put up some work I’ve done for Electrolux, but I’m not sure how much info I’m allowed to release since some is conceptual. So stay tuned for that yoo

sleep time

it’s looking slightly more legit now.

Online portfolio in progress! (basically just tossed all my work on the site, probably should organize it eventually)

Check it out if you wanna take a break from studying or something.

If I go ham on prepping a legit portfolio I might be able to score an internship in the summer maybe. We shall see how busy this next project will be.

Cool kids click here..

pretty much the overall stuff I’ve worked on the past six weeks


Cool kids click here..

My studio blog for Common First Year (CFY)@GT.

Check back every Saturday after noon for updates. We have a weekly prompt that goes along with all the projects we work on that week. 


Renew Solar Battery Charger by Donn Koh.


Parmesan Cheese Pencil

Created by Kolle Rebbe

(via oliphillips)

(via escapekit)

OBJECTIFIED: A Documentary Film by Gary Hustwit

This is the greatest documentary I’ve ever seen. If you’re even remotely curious about design or what I’ll be studying during the next 4+ years and hopefully be working on for the rest of my life, watch this! Actually, just watch this regardless. It is really inspiring. 

Here’s a trailer.


can these lights get any sexier? 


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