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Targa - Lovely.

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Artist Chris McMahon buys other people’s landscape paintings at thrift stores and puts monsters in them.

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coolest compliment I’ve ever received about my shoes

"them motherfuckas on that boy - them motherfuckas NICE"

-old black guy


ART: Shipping Containers Painted With Greek God and Goddess Murals by Pichi & Avo

Spanish street art duo, Pichi & Avo’s participation in the North West Walls street art festival in Belgium resulted in this staggering, jaw-dropping mural.

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The Cork Connection by Asher Abergel

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7 out of 8 tracks are arranged + mastered + uploaded to bandcamp

it’s happening guys

forreal this time

Kanye West for GQ Magazine August 2014 shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

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Shintaro Ohata  Seamlessly Blends Sculpture and Canvas to Create 3D Paintings

When first viewing the artwork of Shintaro Ohata up close it appears the scenes are made from simple oil paints, but take a step back and you’re in for a surprise. Each piece is actually a hybrid of painted canvas and sculpture that blend almost flawlessly in color and texture to create a single image.

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